National Banana Love's Day

Mousekin's 300 Mouse Halloween Reunion

47th Anniversary of Woodstock Festival

Beatrix Potter's 100th Birthday

August is National Peach Month

Blue Shadows on the Trail

National Simplify Your Life Day

The following 52 images are journal pages from our Great American Road Trip (9/6/16 to 10/28/16). Mousekin joined us for all 11,120 miles of the trip and visits to 23 states, 5 National Parks, National monuments and memorials, and wonderful visits with friends and family.

National Rum Day

Custard the Dragon by Ogden Nash - Meet Blink, the Mouse

National Vulture Awareness Day

Mousekin and the 200 Mouse Puzzle

National Dog Day

Maria Mitchell's Birthday

Mousekin with Nantucket Hooked Rug

Alex Haley's Birthday

Smokey Bear's Debut - 1944

Mousekin Hulas for Hawaiian Statehood Day

Mousekin Meets Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly

National Junkfood Day

International Beer Day

National Navajo Code Talker's Day

Martian Chronicles for Ray Bradbury's Birthday

October 26th was the 300th day of the year. The Mousekin Journal continued and is followed by a Halloween picture and finally the  Mousekin's 300 Mouse Halloween Gathering.

Christmas Rooster at Albany Carousel

National Park Service 100th Birthday

September by Helen Hunt Jackson

Harry Potter's Birthday: July 31st

Mousekin's Halloween Party


September is National Mushroom Month

National Coloring Book Day

National Wildlife Day

Mousekin Celebrates National Honeybee Day

National Race Your Mouse Day

Anniversary of Hurricane Carol in 1954

National Waffle Day

Mousekin and the Birthday Lark

National Daiquiri Day

Packing for the Navajo Elders

Reading in the Apple Tree

Mousekin Mixes Plum Pudding


The first 200 drawings are complete. I have made a picture puzzle of the 200th drawing and it is really quite fun . If you would like to order a copy of the puzzle email me at and I'll let you know how to order one. Now, on to Mousekins 201-300. As of the day I am posting this, I have 137 more mice to make. Some days there is more inspiration than others, but at least I have proven to myself that I can keep up with the mice. Busy little creatures! This page includes many of the mini-Mousekin pictures from "The Great American Road Trip" as well as the 300th Mousekin drawing: "Halloween Family Reunion". There is a picture puzzle of this too. Again, email if you want to order one.

The Mousekin of Christmas Present

National Watermelon Day

Release of Walt Disney's Mary Poppins

Mousekin's Ghostly Visitor

International Friendship Day

Heat Dome

"Bambi" Released in 1942 - Meets Mouskin in 2016

Mouse On The Moon

Gregor Mendel's Birthday

National Tequila Day

Mousekin Meets Pipevine Caterpillar


Pi-Sunyer Naturally

National Toasted Marshmallow Day