Mousekin's Birthday Moon

Mousekin with Hyacinth

Mousekin in the Potting Shed

From Vine to Log - Scampering Mousekin

The Mouse Project is my 2016 exercise to improve my drawing skills. I made the commitment to draw, paint or collage a mouse everyone of the 366 days in this Leap Year. Each mouse is inspired by different muses: sometimes something that I have seen or experienced. Many mice are inspired by some event that happened, either recently or historically on the day I am drawing. Some relate to a person who was born on that day. Many of the Mousekin drawings which have evolved as the months have gone by, are related to some official or unofficial holiday found on some official or unofficial website. The original first 100 page was inadvertently deleted, but the art work is here, though the comments or labels may be different from what you once saw.

    Prints of any illustration are available for sale. Email for further information.

Mousekin #2 - Number 1 was too scary to post!

Pharmaceutical Mousekin

Galileo's Moons for Mousekin

Winter Wear for Mousekin

I Have a Dream Mice

Thumbprint Mice in Snow

Fluish Mousekin

100 Mice

Blackberry Good Mousekin

Mousekin Checking Out Hollow Tree

Squirrel Appreciation Day

Matisse Mousekin

Van Gogh Flowers for Mousekin

Mouse Looking Up

A Mitten for Mousekin

Wedding Cake for Mousekin

Frosty Winter Mousekin Puffed for Warmth

Twelfth Night Mousekin

Here's Looking at You, Mousekin!

Mousekin with Weeping Cherry

Miro Mousekin

Swiss Cheese for Mousekin

Pi-Sunyer Naturally


Mousekin in the Kitchen at Downton Abbey

Mousekin Spies a Host of Daffodils

All Creatures Great and Small

National Tartan Day - Lamont for Mousekin

Exploring Mouse Poses

Doña Margairta Mousekin a la Velázquez